Voices of the People: Introduction

Voices of the People Intro.jpg

Hi friends. It feels good to be writing on the RECONFIGURE blog. So far, I haven’t utilized this space to its potential. I feel too busy (I probably am!) and don’t want to start something I can’t do well. So in light of that, I am collaborating with others so we can do something well together!

This idea has been deeply shaped by my experience at the #EvolvingFaith Conference in Montreat, NC. During a Q&A, the new (s)heroes of mine, challenged us in spaces of privilege to give our platform (#sharethemic) to those who have been ignored or kept quiet. Not just speak on their behalf.

So here I am taking the challenge. I am hosting a 12-month collaborative blog series to elevate voices of people experiencing injustice.

Each blog post will focus on a different topic based (loosely) off of the “Awareness” calendar. I will ask each guest blogger the same 3 questions, listed below. I will post their answers on my blog and create a piece of art to represent their answers. See questions below.

  1. What is the injustice here?

  2. What is your role or experience?

  3. How has creativity or art brought reconciliation for you or this injustice?

  4. What is one practical way you want to see people get involved? 

The purpose of this blog series is to bring awareness and action to different social justice issues using words and art. And by action, I mean action with your body and resources.

My hope is to quiet my voice (at least once a month) to listen. I also hope that you listen and buy art to support this work. Your contribution will go toward the cause of the month and your art will stand as a reminder for action.

The art I created for this introduction is a symbol of what it could look like for a white woman to share the platform. I imagine when this happens, other colors will come to light. There will be deep blues of sorrow, fiery reds of anger, bright yellows of joy, and purple hues of transcendent love. I also believe that it can be hard for those of us in privileged places to share. It can feel like we step into unknown shadowy areas, unsure of our roles or own experiences. But when we come together, we see how our shadows and colors dance. We see how we belong together for a gorgeous bigger picture. Please join in the artistry.

Here is the line-up for 2019. If you have friends that are effected by or passionate about changing any of these areas of justice, please let me know! Also, if you know the month for a cause you care about, comment below so I can add it to the list.

  • February: Black History Month

  • March: Women’s History Month

  • April: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

  • May: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Awareness Month

  • June: LGBT, World Refugee Day

  • July: National Black Family Month, Minority Mental Health Awareness

  • August: Breastfeeding Awareness Month, Overdose Awareness Day

  • September: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Suicide Prevention Month

  • October: Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month,  Prison’s Week

  •  November: Hunger and Homeless Awareness Month/Week

  • December: Spiritual Literacy Month, AIDS Awareness Month

  • January: Human Trafficking Prevention Month

My first collaboration will drop this week for Black History Month. Keep your eyes and heart open, friends.