Hello there! You found us, or maybe we found you. Whatever the case, we are here, together. Do you love being creative? Do you love people? Maybe you love both, hey, us too!

You see, ReconFigure is about way more than creating fun, expressive art. Let us explain.

We exist to do the harder, and more creative work of building authentic relationships with mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters experiencing isolation from community through the selling and giving of art and kindness.

We are about more than the artist and more than the art. Art is a beautiful platform, but that’s just it. It is the platform. For us, art is a platform for reconciliation. We created ReconFigure with the hope to reconfigure the world through art. We sell art and at the same time give away art with guidance on how to engage people in your city experiencing isolation from community.

Our vision is big and we are in the process of taking practical steps to get there. We are excited for the possibilities. One person taking a piece of art to a nursing home, could turn into one beautiful conversation, which could lead to another beautiful conversation, which could lead to a beautiful relationship and friendship, essentially ending the loneliness for that one person.

We are excited you stopped by to be a part of reconfiguring it out. (You like that?!)