Part reconciliation, part figure drawing. RECONFIGURE is a custom watercolor art business with a heart for social justice. With every purchase, we include a free uplifting watercolor painting and an action plan for small ways to make a difference. 

We know it can be overwhelming to try to make a lasting, positive impact. Our goal is to show you how and equip you to do it!

With our products you will feel ready to fearlessly engage reconciliation in your world. 

How did we get here?

RECONFIGURE was only a hobby until June 2018, when journalists exposed the separation and detainment of immigrant families. This event put us face-to-face with the reality that our world is messy and we don’t know how to engage.   

After silencing that negative voice, we decided we could, and had to, do something.  

Meg painted 17 portraits featuring people holding signs that said “You Matter.” Think of a photo gallery of protesters. Then she made 1700 copies (thanks Kemah of Brandilly) and asked people to write messages of hope on each one.

It was in the midst of this project that she decided to take her art seriously and start RECONFIGURE.

Who is Meg?

Megan Gambino is the artist behind RECONFIGURE.

She is the wife to a man-of-intention, mama to the most social toddler you ever met, and seeker of God in the insignificant. 

She loves pad thai, coconut milk lattes, and empowering other women.

When she isn't painting, she can be found cookin' up a paleo storm in her downtown apartment with curly-haired son in toe.

Her life purpose is to creatively influence others by modeling reconciliation between communities of people and people on the margins.

And we think she is crushin' it! 


Why Art?

Art has a special way of capturing the unique spirit of a person and connecting the humanity between two people.  For us, art has became about the intentional process of knowing someone enough to paint them.

Being known is powerful. It can give someone the hope they need to keep going, to make it around one more bend in the road.

So, here at RECONFIGURE, we are using our creative vision to alleviate isolation from community. Too many people are experiencing forms of isolation. Some people are pushed to the margins, some people are oppressed, and some people are just forgotten. These people include the elderly, single mothers and fathers, refugees, the constantly busy, and the constantly struggling-to-make-ends-meet. We have learned that a kind word can turn away wrath and beauty can disarm.

Our art is an invitation to break down the barriers and bring the marginalized, oppressed, and forgotten into community. JOIN US!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sets RECONFIGURE apart?

    • We aren’t just here for your money. Profit is great, but truly, we are here to help you making a difference! With every custom art purchase, we include a free Art + Action set to help you engage our messy world.

  • What is an “Art + Action” set?

    • Art + Action sets include an uplifting watercolor painting and small steps of reconciliation-oriented action. Don’t worry! We know you may just be getting started so we didn’t give you anything too radical. These Art + Action sets were created with Mother Teresa in mind when she said, “We can do no great things - only small things with great love.”

  • Do y'all have a hashtag?

    • Thought you would never ask! Yes, its #RECONFIGUREtheWorld. Follow our hashtag on Instagram!

  • How are you measuring our impact?

    • Okay, we know this isn’t a frequently asked question but it is something that has crossed our mind. Luckily, our team actually has a PhD researcher in house! Literally. Co-creater, Chris Gambino, lives for this stuff. He will be using Geographic Information System Technology to track your posts through social media. (Don't forget #RECONFIGUREtheWorld!)